Motivational Maker

➤ Haz Motivational Posters fácilmente
➤ Efectos de sepia y escala de grises
➤ Comparte en facebook, twitter, o guarda en tu fototeca o portapapeles

Descargar (iOS)


Effective & efficient ★★★★

It does exactly what the screenshots show. No pop-up ads inbetween transitions. Zero lag time. Adjustments for improvement: 1) basic font choice (default sizes are fine, no need to mess with that) 2) eliminate the random thin white line that appears on the finished product when viewing in portrait mode. It just works & that’s how it should be!

Canon1100 (US)

Brilliant! ★★★★★

The app is amazing! It’s really worth it’s money! You can even save your posters to the camera roll! BRILLIANT!!!

Horace02july (US)

it is good ★★★★★

li like it

lardlicker (US)

It’s good ★★★★

IIt just needs more features

Wize00000 (UK)

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